Growing Plants

Who Grows Plants?

Farmers and companies involved in farming grow plants. Many homeowners grow plants on a small scale at home. warehouse racking systems are used to store multiple items properly.

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How Do People Grow Plants?

A variety of ways are used to grow plants. Commercial growers grow plants in the farm fields. The size of such a field depends on the land owned or rented by the plant grower. Some farmers and companies involved in commercial farming grow plants on a very large tract of land. They use different types of farming equipment to speed up the farming processes. Fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides are used by them to ensure good harvest. Open land farming requires lots of water. Now many farmers use more water efficient farming techniques like drip irrigation. In recent years, hydroponics, aeroponics and other soilless farming techniques have gained traction among a small number of plant growers. In these techniques, plants are grown without soil under controlled environment. It results in better, faster and assured growth of plants. The growers are assured of good quality harvest from the plants. Another advantage is that these techniques can be used to grow plants at places that are not conducive for farming. There is less use of pesticides and herbicides in these farming processes. At the same time, these techniques are a lot more expensive than open field farming. Land based farming gives better return on investment if good quality harvest can be ensured.

Why Do People Grow Plants?

People grow plants for commercial or personal reasons. Commercial growers sell produces obtained from plants in the market. Many people grow plants on a small scale inside their home, in their garden or on a small patch of land they own. They do so to get fruits or vegetables, or to beautify their property. Individual, private and government properties are beautified with the help of decorative plants.

How Do People Sell Plants?

There are plant nursery shops that sell seeds of plants as well as newly grown small plants for replanting. Seeds of plants can be purchased from online sellers as well.

Who Buys Plants?

Plants are purchased by homeowners and property owners. Homeowners generally purchase seeds when they want to grow plants for fruits and vegetables. They buy decorative plants to beautify their home and property. Owners of large properties have a large land area that requires beautification. Landscaping involves planting different varieties of decorative plants. Property owners buy such plants from the local or online plant nursery shops.

What Type of Plants Are Popular?

It depends on the purpose of growing plants. Fruit and vegetable plants are grown by both commercial growers and homeowners. Decorative plants are grown mainly to increase the aesthetic value of the property. It helps improve the curb appeal. The owner can command higher value for the property in the real estate market. Flower plants are grown extensively when owners want to beautify their property. Some decorative plants are grown for their unique look and not for flowers. Such plants generally have colourful leaves or unique plant structure. Popular plant categories include annual, flower, fern, conifer, groundcover, palm, shrub, vine and others.

All types of plants require regular care. Some hardy plants do not need regular care after growing and becoming capable of sourcing water and nutrients from the ground.